Announcing After Dark: a new app for romance readers 17+

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Wattpad has recently launched After Dark, a free app that offers a curated reading experience for mature romance fans. After Dark was designed specifically for readers over the age of 17 who are looking for quality contemporary romance reading. The app’s sleek new interface presents a specific set of stories such as LGBTQ, Urban, and Fanfiction from the romance category—stories that have already proved popular with Wattpad users and Wattpad staff. Readers can comment and vote on After Dark stories just like on Wattpad.

After Dark was conceived of by a team of Wattpad employees at Hack Friday, our monthly hack-a-thon event. On Hack Friday, Wattpad developers and designers join forces with other employees to bring an idea or product update to life in a single day. The Hack Friday concept for After Dark was transformed into a full-fledged app in just two short weeks.

After Dark is available in the App Store for people 17 years of age and older in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

New story from Anna Todd in support of Free2Luv

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Today, New York Times best-selling author and Wattpad celebrity Anna Todd will begin serializing a new, original story titled Free. Anna is writing the story to support the award-winning LGBTQ advocacy group, Free2Luv. She is an official ambassador for the group. Her story Free will increase awareness about the #Free2Luv campaign that encourages young people to take a pledge of kindness and tolerance in response to bullying.

To read Free on Wattpad, visit Anna Todd’s Wattpad profile. You can learn more about Free2Luv on their Wattpad profile and official website.

Wattpad Ratings: It’s easy

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We’ve simplified the way we handle ratings for stories on Wattpad. Every story that is currently R-rated will now be called Mature. All other stories will no longer display a rating; these are appropriate for all readers.

This is the first step in our process to simplify rating. Now writers only need to rate their stories when they contain mature content.  This change works with existing systems Wattpad uses to detect and appropriately label mature content. For a complete list of what is considered mature content, check the Wattpad Content Guidelines.

If you’d like to keep up to date with future changes to ratings in the coming months, follow News & Updates on the Wattpad profile.

100 Million Strong

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Over the weekend, Wattpad celebrated its 100 millionth upload. Every one of those uploads have now become a part of the Wattpad story, and we couldn’t be happier about sharing this story with all of you who have shared your own stories on Wattpad.

If you haven’t yet posted your story to Wattpad, now is the perfect time. Every day we hear the same story from successful Wattpad writers: that they started off as Wattpad readers, and they never thought they’d write a story.

Until they did.

Now it’s your turn to share your story, and we want to help you write it. Take the Just Write It pledge and take advantage of how-to videos from some of Wattpad’s most successful writers. Tell your story, and help us on our way to our next milestone: 1 billion uploads.

Wattpad & Google bring you stories Now

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Wattpad has partnered with Google to make it easier for Wattpadders to keep track of their stories on Android through Now cards in the Google app. Now cards already bring you helpful info before you have to ask, and now they’ll also bring you updates about your Wattpad stories. For readers, the new Wattpad card shows recent reads from your library and catches you up on the latest updates from a story you’re reading. For writers, the Wattpad card will deliver updates about how the stories you’ve written are ranking in popularity. Never miss out noticing a change in your ranking.

In the coming days, you’ll be able to see the Wattpad Now card on your device. Just make sure you have the Wattpad app downloaded and then tap the Google app icon (make sure you have version 4.1 or newer of the Google app) and the Wattpad cards will appear just when you need them.


For more information about Now cards, see the Official Google Search Blog, or see a full list of cards.

Welcome to the Block Party

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This February, Wattpadder Kelly Anne Blount is hosting the first annual Block Party to celebrate the readers and writers of Wattpad.

Every day in February, a Wattpad writer will be featured in the Block Party story. Each feature will include an exclusive post that the writer has written specifically for this event, and there will be prizes, games, social media events, and loads of interaction with fellow Wattpadders and followers each day. Two well-known Wattpad writers will even be collaborating on a unique story just for the event.

In addition to the daily features, which include New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, there will be a massive giveaway through Rafflecopter. Wattpad writers will be giving away everything from e-books to signed covers of their stories.

To join the party, visit the Block Party story on Wattpad and find out who else will be participating.

A look at 2014

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Read Sandra Brown’s Mirror Image free on Wattpad

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New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown just joined Wattpad, and we couldn’t be happier. Sandra has published over seventy novels, bringing the number of copies of her books in print worldwide to upwards of eighty million. Sandra will be sharing her NYT bestseller Mirror Image throughout the month of December as a special gift to Wattpad readers. She has already begun serializing the book and will be posting two chapters a day leading up to Christmas, so be sure to read it today:

A Big Thank You to Wattpad Ambassadors

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Today we’re celebrating the fourth anniversary of the Wattpad Ambassador program, which brings together active Wattpadders to support and engage with the greater community. We are very proud of the work that Wattpad Ambassadors take on: from answering questions and guiding new Wattpadders, to representing the greater Wattpad community and their concerns to all of us at HQ.

Please join us in giving thanks to and showing our appreciation to the Ambassadors who support and engage with the vibrant Wattpad community and Wattpad Team.

For some interesting facts about the Ambassador Program, see our newest chapter in Wattpad News & Updates.


How we’re helping Wattpad writers

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Wattpad is home to tens of millions of stories, and each of these stories is the product of countless hours of work, sweat, and effort. We work to enable the passion for storytelling of millions of writers around the world, and we’re looking to do even more to support this writing community with the introduction of new tools for writers. To that end, we’re making it simpler for readers to financially support the writers they love.

One way to accomplish this is through adding enriching, paid content to Wattpad. We’re pursuing this kind of content as an early experiment intended to improve the experience for readers and writers alike. Where we introduce paid content, it will add new dimensions to existing free stories through bonus chapters, different points of view, or full stories that expand the original narrative.

For Wattpad readers, this paid content will take the form of optional extras added to your Wattpad reading experience. Wattpad was built free and will remain that way. The app will always be free, and there will always be a wealth of stories to read for free.

If you have any further questions, please visit

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