How Wattpad is Driving Influence in the Global Entertainment Space

In September 2014, something unprecedented happened in the Philippines, one of our most highly engaged countries. Wattpad partnered with the Kapatid Network to make some of the most popular Filipino Wattpad stories into a primetime mini-series airing on TV5 right after The Amazing Race Philippines. This comes after popular stories from our platform had already leapt onto the big screen and become blockbuster hits. This is exciting for us, because it represents an intersection between traditional forms of entertainment media like television and books merging with a non-traditional media platform like Wattpad.

Now over a year later, the Philippines continues to be an interesting market. With a population of just over 100 million people, 44 million of whom are online, an astonishing 32 million people have mobile phones with internet connectivity. It is a country of connected people who are influenced by American culture and absolutely love being social online. This is a big reason why they embraced Wattpad with open arms and why two of their forward-thinking mobile carriers Globe + SMART decided to use Wattpad to bundle offers to their mobile subscribers. New subscribers would receive their phone plans and not have to pay for data when they used Wattpad; a major advantage for millennials who were already loving the app. In the Philippines alone, over 100 of their traditionally published books first originated on Wattpad.

And it’s highly evident that this is where things are going. Not just in the Philippines, but globally. There is a hunger for shows by real people, stories by real people and even marketing by real people. Nobody wants a manufactured experience anymore. And millennials especially trust content from friends over brands and demand authenticity.

Increasingly, we are working with huge entertainment brands in the United States who are starting to recognize the upside of working with Wattpad to launch blockbuster movies by inviting participation from our enthusiastic community. Just a few years ago this type of thing would have never happened, and now brands are having meaningful interactions where the fans get to become active participants and help shape the success of marketing campaigns by co-creating content with their favourite brands.
Wattpad is at the forefront of some exciting developments in the entertainment world. Our content is appearing outside of our website on the big screen, television, and online. Wattpad has proven to be globally relevant from a cultural perspective and we are just beginning to touch the surface of where we will go in the entertainment space. We are already licensing top writers and popular content to develop shows and webisodes. We are at the intersection of this cultural shift in the way we advertise and merge the ever-changing online world with the slower paced and sometimes traditional offline world.

Wattpad collaborates with Skillshare for online writing class


We’re extremely excited to announce our collaboration with Skillshare for a free online writing class, led by one of our very own Wattpad Stars, Rebecca Sky.

The class, Writing for Online Engagement: Fiction in a Digital World, will provide an in depth look at online writing with frameworks, techniques, and strategies to engage an online audience and build community around stories.

Wattpad Stars are masters of storytelling and have become authorities and influencers in the world of online writing and engagement. This partnership is an opportunity for those interested in writing for a digital age to learn from an expert.

So, what exactly is Skillshare? It’s a vibrant learning community that provides access to online classes taught by creators around the world.

To register for this class, go here


Wattpad introduces Wattpad Stars to support viral writers and jumpstart careers

Wattpad is proud to announce Wattpad Stars, an accelerator for top writers. The program helps writers take their skills to the next level, and provides brands and publishers with an opportunity to tap into Wattpad’s roster of talented digital influencers.

Wattpad Stars are commissioned by top brands to write stories that entertain and engage audiences and some even see their work in print or as screen adaptations. They also receive marketing and support from Wattpad to increase their presence and advance their careers.

A few notable writers whose writing careers have skyrocketed thanks to Wattpad include:  

  • Anna Todd: Anna turned her love for Harry Styles into one of the biggest social media phenomenon’s of 2014. She wrote the story After on Wattpad and it soon became one of the most talked about stories on the Internet. After receiving one billion reads on Wattpad, the company helped her land a six figure publishing deal and film deal with Paramount
  • Rebecca Sky: Commissioned to write for the Athenos campaign and featured in the New York Times
  • Apryl Baker: Commissioned by Universal Pictures to write for the Ouija and Unfriended film promotions
  • Edward Mullen: Commissioned by USA Network and A&E to write for the launch of the television series DIG and The Returned

Wattpad writers who’ve built their online presence, with a knack for creating fun, serial stories, now have direct route to the Wattpad team to jumpstart their careers. We recognize the hard work of these Wattpad Stars and want to help them connect with new opportunities to take their writing to the next level.

For more information on the program, visit

TL;DR? More like books FTW!

Survey reveals majority of US teens spent the summer reading. Actual books.

We live in an era with short forms and acronyms for everything, emojis to substitute a host of complex emotions, and countless additional forms of distraction built into a single, handheld device.

So, it’s not entirely crazy to fear the worst: That books and longform reading have been rendered obsolete for teens, a demographic born into a world where there is just so much competing for their attention at any given moment.

And yet, amidst these collectively growing fears and beliefs, a recent survey suggests otherwise.

According to the survey of more than 1,500 US teens aged 13-18, a whopping seventy percent said they read most during the summer. The summer! That time of anti- school when they don’t even have to read because nobody’s making them!

On top of this, the survey revealed that three-quarters of teens planned to read more than five books over the summer, with more than half committing upwards of two hours a day to reading. And when it comes to summer travel, eighty-seven percent confirmed that it’s important to have books that are accessible directly from a mobile phone.

Thirty-six percent of teens even admitted they’d cancel plans to finish a great story.

How many adults can say the same?

Books: 1
Long-held perceptions about teens and reading: 0

When it comes to pop culture, three out of four said they’d prefer to read a book about their favorite celebrities over watching a video. This is especially interesting considering the widely held belief that best way to reach young people is through video.

This survey confirms that many teens are actively choosing to engage with content, rather than passively absorb it. This is huge, because it means teens still enjoy reading. And with longform content woven into their connected, mobile lifestyles, it’s more accessible than ever before.

But all this points to a greater truth, as well, one that most humans inherently know – that great stories will always be a part of who we are, regardless of the way they are consumed.

Congratulations to our 2015 Wattpad Scholarship Recipients

At Wattpad, we believe that everyone has a story to tell. For our 2015 Wattpad Scholarship program, we asked students to tell us their own true stories, drawing on something that has impacted their life and helped shape who they have become.

Of the 500 submissions we received from students throughout the U.S. and Canada, we have selected five winners and are thrilled to award each with a $1500 scholarship. Read all of our winners and honorable mentions here.

For Wattpad, this scholarship program is an example of how the power of a story can be used to create opportunity, and further support students in their educational aspirations. We are truly inspired by the number of impressive entries we received.

We are pleased to share our 2015 Wattpad Scholarship Recipients, with links to their Wattpad profiles, and a compilation of the stories that won them their well-deserved scholarships. Congrats again to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated for your inspiring entries!

It was difficult to select just five winning submissions. Here are some honorable mentions that we know you’ll enjoy equally as much:


Pencils of Promise and World Literacy Day are cause for celebration

Today is World Literacy Day, which at Wattpad, holds a very special place in our hearts. Access to quality education is something so easily taken for granted in parts of the world where it’s readily available, which is why we’re raising awareness for Pencils of Promise, an organization founded by Adam Braun, with a mission to provide quality education and literacy to children in the developing world.

To support this mission and celebrate World Literacy Day simultaneously, Wattpad is featuring Braun’s complete memoir “The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person can Create Extraordinary Change” for free on September 8th and 9th, delivering his message to Wattpad’s more than 40 million users.

During his travels around the world, Adam Braun became acutely aware of the of the lack of access to proper education. When a small boy in India asked him for a pencil, a figurative light bulb went off and he realized the profound impact that writing utensils, and other school supplies, can have on children – and the doors of possibility they can open.

Today, Pencils of Promise continues to help raise awareness for the 250 million children worldwide who, through no choice or fault of their own, lack basic reading and writing skills. In doing so, it’s established itself as a leader among innovative global non-profits working towards sustainable social change. And at Wattpad, we couldn’t be more excited about helping spread their message.

How can you help spread the literacy love? Throughout World Literacy Day (September 8th- Today!) every time you use the #whereiread hashtag you’ll unlock a $1 donation to help educate children globally.

And feel free to check out Adam Braun’s complete memoir “The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person can Create Extraordinary Change” on Wattpad today and tomorrow, to learn more about a cause worth its weight in pencils.

Wattpad to attend Istanbul International Book Fair to celebrate growing Turkish community


The Turkish community on Wattpad has flourished and the app has become a go-to entertainment destination for two million people in the country.

To celebrate the growth and success of the Turkish community on Wattpad, Co-founder and CEO Allen Lau will visit Istanbul during the International Book Fair (Nov. 7-15, 2015). For the first time ever, Wattpad will host an official community meetup on Saturday, Nov. 14. During the event, Turkish Wattpadders can connect with each other, meet their favourite writers, and speak with Allen Lau.

The Turkish community on Wattpad is extremely social and engaged. Collectively, they spend 14 million minutes a day on the platform and have shared more than seven million original Turkish-language story uploads. Popular Turkish stories like Ateş ve Su, Kalbime Fısılda  have millions of reads on Wattpad. The people of Turkey love to socialize and interact with one another, so it’s no surprise that Wattpad’s social storytelling experience has resonated with so many in the country.

Wattpad will also host a booth during the Istanbul International Book Fair. The booth will be a hub for people at the fair who wish to learn more about the global community, discover stories from emerging Turkish writers, and learn how to share their own stories about the things they love. The booth will be located inside Salon 10 at the Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center.

Wattpad is excited to celebrate with the success of the Turkish community and we look forward to November!  

The global Wattpad community spends 13 billion minutes a month immersed in free stories. With a person joining the community every second of the day, Wattpad has connected millions of people with the content and conversations that matter to them. Using any mobile device or computer, anyone, anywhere in the world, can access over 150 million story uploads for free.

Wattpad hızla büyüyen Türk topluluğunu kutlamak için İstanbul Uluslararası Kitap Fuarı’nda

Wattpad’teki Türkiye topluluğunun hızla büyümeye devam ederken ve Wattpad uygulaması ülkedeki iki milyon kişi için en popüler eğlence durağı olmayı başardı.

Wattpad’in Türkiyedeki büyümesini ve başarısını kutlamak için Wattpad CEO’su ve kurucularından Allen Lau Uluslararası Kitap Fuarı boyunca İstanbul’da olacak. Wattpad Türkiye’deki ilk resmi topluluk buluşmasını 14 Kasım Cumartesi günü gerçekleştirecek. Buluşma esnasında Türk Wattpadçiler birbiriyle tanışıp; sevdikleri Wattpad yazarlarıyla ve Allen Lau ile konuşma fırsatı bulacak.

Türkiye topluluğu Wattpad’te oldukça sosyal ve aktif.

Kollektif olarak Türkiye topluluğu günde 14 milyon dakika geçirirken ve yedi milyondan fazla Türkçe orjinal hikaye güncellemesi paylaştı. Ateş ve Su, Kalbime Fısılda gibi hikayeler Wattpad’te milyonlarca kez okundu. Türkiye sosyalleşmeyi ve paylaşmayı çok seviyor; bu nedenle Türkiye’de sosyal hikaye anlatıcılığını Wattpad aracılığıyla keşfetti ve çok sevdi.

Uluslarası İstanbul Kitap Fuarı sırasında Wattpad 10. Salondaki standında topluluğu tanımak, yeni hikayeler keşfetmek ve kendi hikayelerini nasıl paylaşacakları hakkında daha fazla bilgi almak isteyen ziyaretçilerin sorularını yanıtlayacak.

Wattpad olarak Türkiye topluluğunun başarısını kutlamak için çok heyecanlıyız ve Kasım’ı sabırsızlıklar bekliyoruz!
Dünya çapında Wattpad topluluğu ayda 13 milyar dakikasını ücretsiz hikayelere dalmış bir şekilde harcıyor. Topluluğa her saniye katılan insanlarla, Wattpad herkesi kendisi için önem taşıyan içerik ve sohbetlerle birbirlerine bağladı. Herhangi bir mobil cihaz ya da bilgisayar kullanarak dünyanın her yerinden, herkes, 150 milyondan fazla hikaye güncellemesine ücretsiz ulaşabilir.