Superheroes Exist

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Some dads can fix a toilet; some can help with your math homework. There are fathers who can give legal advice, or perform brain surgery, or can do 100 pushups. These small acts, in the eyes of children, can make many fathers seem like superheroes. But if they really were superheroes, magically thrown into your favorite blockbuster, what kind of masked defender would your father be?

This Father’s Day we’ve collected stories of supernatural abilities to prove that Superheroes Exist. There are men who take the form of masked vigilantes (no capes, please), other “elites” of the future just trying to act normal, and the occasional detective charged with investigating costumed crime fighters who don’t exactly follow the laws. We have heroes who received their powers from lab experiments gone awry, or by accidentally sticking their fingers in a light socket.

This Father’s Day, write dad into his own comic-worthy story. What crazy accident resulted in his superhuman strength? What costume would he wear? Who is your father’s arch-enemy, and how will he defeat the threat to humanity?

Write your story on Wattpad and tag it “superdads” for the chance to be added to our reading list. And happy Father’s Day to all those real-life heroes, whether they’re hiding out in Gotham City, or in the workshop down the hall.

Your True Stories

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May was Memoir Month at Wattpad, so we asked for your true stories, and you recorded them in droves. We heard tales of heartbreak, accounts of summer camp catastrophes, stories of overcoming adversity and ill health, travelogues from around the world, and even a possible UFO sighting. We have collected some of our favorites in this Memoir Month reading list on the Wattpad profile.

We’ll keep adding to the list through the month of June, so continue crafting your memoirs. Be sure to categorize them as Non-Fiction and tag them “memoirmonth.”

If you’re looking to share a memoir, but you’re not sure where to start, get acquainted with the memoir genre with these great tips: (more…)

It’s time to get noticed, Wattpadders!

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Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 3.07.18 PM

You’ve got brilliantly curated reading lists, funny inline comments, and amazing stories. So of course we want to help you get more followers and more reads. Today Wattpad launched a new discovery tool to make it easy for people to find your Wattpad profile. Place them on your blog, Tumblr, or website and let others know where to find you.

Step 1: Login to your account at

Step 2: Go to your Profile and hit Edit

Step 3: Choose a Button type

Step 4: Paste the code into your website or blog

Step 5: Get more Followers and Reads


Shipping News

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This week the Oxford English Dictionary announced its latest entry: a new definition of shipping, made popular by online fanfiction. To ship is to wish for an imagined relationship between two characters or people. It is often signified by creating a portmanteau of two names; the example the OED gives is that many people ship Molly and Sherlock, or Sherlolly. Wattpad has over 2,000 shipped Sherlock stories.

A glance at Wattpad’s Hot List today reveals at least four stories of shipped love, from YouTube stars to band mates. Some of our favorite ships over time have been Jumeo (Romeo and Juliet), Kathniel (Filipino stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla), and our own invention, Alleva (Wattpad CEO Allen Lau and his wife, Eva).

So, who do you ship?


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Today we have a post from Emily Lindin, who created the Unslut Project: an organization dedicated to promoting gender equality and sex positivity by raising awareness about sexual bullying and slut shaming. She’s also a Wattpadder and has shared her own experiences with sexual bullying in her story The Unslut Project

Hash tags can be fun, but they can also be incredibly powerful. One example of a particularly important hash tag is #YesAllWomen, which emerged this past weekend in response to the horrific killing spree that took place near the University of Santa Barbara. Women all over the world are using #YesAllWomen to share their personal experiences with misogyny, from everyday street harassment, to slut shaming and even rape. All of us, regardless of gender, can gain some really valuable insight about the lived experiences of others by reading these tweets. Here, I’ve collected some of the #YesAllWomen tweets that are most relevant to the message of The UnSlut Project.


Happily ever AFTER

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Wattpadder Anna Todd (Imaginator1D) has warned fans of her After series that there are only a few chapters left before the story’s conclusion, and those fans must be wondering “what’s next?”. Well, they need no longer wonder. Regardless of what happens to Tessa and Harry, fans of the series will be living happily ever After. (or “the series has a happy ending.”)

That’s because After, which is the most-talked-about story online, and the most-read story on Wattpad, will be getting a book adaptation. As announced today, Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, will be publishing the story as a series of books, with the first book set to arrive by the end of this year.

Best of all, the version of After that fans have come to know and love won’t be going anywhere. Wattpadders will continue to be able to read (and re-read) Anna’s first version of the story of Tessa and Harry on Wattpad long after the books have been released.

A World Without Wattpad

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Seven years ago, Ivan and I started Wattpad because we love to read. We shared our passion with the world, and we watched Wattpad grow into the global community it is today, 25-million strong with users in nearly every country in the world.

 This would not have been possible without a free and open Internet.

Tomorrow, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote on a proposal that would change how you connect to content on the internet.  If it passes, companies will be able to pay for faster delivery of their services via the Internet. This unfairly benefits big corporations while hurting small startups like ours.

You might have heard about this, and you might think it doesn’t affect you, but it does. It affects each and every one of us. To understand more about net neutrality, check out Vi Hart’s excellent video:

We all benefit from a free and open Internet. If you live in the United States, and you support net neutrality, make sure your voice is heard. If you live outside the United States, your voice still matters. Tell your local government that you won’t stand for anything less than a free and open Internet.

- Allen Lau
CEO and Co-Founder of Wattpad

A Negative: A Story About Awareness

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What better way to understand the symptoms and risks of a disorder than to put yourself in the shoes of someone suffering from it? On the surface, A Negative is a new adult romance about a young woman named Ashley. What Ashley doesn’t know in the story is that she’s suffering from a serious bleeding disorder—von Willebrand’s disease.

According to the Canadian Hemophilia Society, Ashley’s situation is one common to women who suffer from bleeding disorders but may go for years without having them diagnosed. The CHS worked with Wattpad writer L.D. Crichton to create A Negative with the goals of increasing awareness of inherited bleeding disorders and their symptoms.

To learn more about how these conditions can impact someone’s life, read A Negative.

May Is For Memoirs

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This May we’ve decided to recognize the Memoir. All month, Wattpad will be celebrating your true stories. Whether it’s a roadtrip journal, a military memoir, or personal tales of first and last loves, we are eager to hear your story.

Share your own real stories and tag them #memoirmonth to be featured. In June, we will showcase some of our favorites.

Happy writing!
Photo credit: Sara Saretta

Happy Mother’s Day From Wattpad

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Last week we suggested that Wattpadders give their moms the best present of all: stories. We asked you to share the reading list you’d recommend to your mom, and Wattpadders responded with reading lists as diverse as the women who raised them.

One of our favorites was a list by sixteen year-old Kayla, aka Wattpadder whisperrrmyname100x, who selected a mix of mystery/thrillers and romance for her mother,  who she says “has always been there for me through thick and through thin.” YoungAuthor02 opted for a mix of time-tested classics and historical fiction. Another favorite was Wattpad Ambassador WhisperingWater, who curated a list of romantic comedies for all the humorous moms out there.

Thank you to all those who submitted to this contest. Be sure to read the comments for many more #stories4mom.

In addition to contributing reading lists, we were blown away by how many of you shared heartfelt testimonials about your mothers. Here are three testimonials that we found really moving: (more…)

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