Your Fans are Now Your Followers on Wattpad

Wattpad is a place where readers and writers can build personal connections through great stories. With these connections, our users find out when new stories are posted, when someone puts a story in their reading list, or when users invite each other to keep in touch. This social concept of subscribing to another person’s activity is becoming more familiar to users of online services as “Following”. Since we are continually working to make your experience as intuitive as possible, we’re changing the term on Wattpad from “Fan” to “Follower”. This allows for a clearer representation of what our users are doing online, and it’s also a term that works better for our international community who are reading and writing in over 24 languages.

The nature of your relationships on Wattpad won’t change. You’ll follow your friends, favourite writers, and people you want to support. You’ll continue to get instant notifications from people you follow. So keep reading, keep connecting, and follow those you want to get to know better!