Wattpad & Google bring you stories Now

Wattpad has partnered with Google to make it easier for Wattpadders to keep track of their stories on Android through Now cards in the Google app. Now cards already bring you helpful info before you have to ask, and now they’ll also bring you updates about your Wattpad stories. For readers, the new Wattpad card shows recent reads from your library and catches you up on the latest updates from a story you’re reading. For writers, the Wattpad card will deliver updates about how the stories you've written are ranking in popularity. Never miss out noticing a change in your ranking. In the coming days, you’ll be able to see the Wattpad Now card on your device. Just make sure you have the Wattpad app downloaded and then tap the Google app icon (make sure you have version 4.1 or newer of the Google app) and the Wattpad cards will appear just when you need them.


For more information about Now cards, see the Official Google Search Blog, or see a full list of cards.