Wattpad Announces Winners of the World’s Largest Online Writing Contest – Over 180 countries took part in The Wattys 2015

Today we announce the winners of The Wattys, our annual writing contest. The Wattys recognizes the most-loved stories from the millions available on Wattpad. Winners were selected from around the world and shared stories in more than a dozen categories.

Our vision for The Wattys has always been to become the world’s largest online writing contest. Today, we reached that goal with a record-breaking 75,000 entries from over 180 different countries.

This year marks the first time we’ve opened up The Wattys contest internationally, and the results have been incredible. Almost half of this year’s entries were submitted in a language other than English. We saw over five times the number of entries compared to last year’s contest (check out the 2014 Wattys winners here).

“Each year with The Wattys, we celebrate our community and recognize the stories that have captured the hearts of millions of people around the world,” said Allen Lau, Wattpad CEO and co-founder. “We launched The Wattys in 2010 as a small writing contest. Today, it has grown into the  world’s largest online writing contest,  and it brings the entire Wattpad community together in celebration.”

Many thanks to everyone that submitted this year. Join us in congratulating the winners. You can read their stories here.


  1. You know how people say that certain things saved their lives? Wattpad didn’t save my life but saved my sanity and helped me battle depression. When we lose ourselves inside our own mind, it becomes a tough task to get freedom from ourselves. Thank you Wattpad – you became my escape and I am forever in debt. Wattpad has become a place where we challenge ourselves with our imagination, a place where we meet new people, a place where we get moral support and a place where we can express ourselves freely and channel our feelings into words.

    Thanks again
    -Adia (@SteepleChaserX)


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