Captain America: Civil War Causes Colossal Engagement Spike on Wattpad

Fandoms Assemble! On Friday, Marvel fans will flood theaters across the world to watch Captain America: Civil War.

We know that fans use Wattpad as a way to connect with their favorite characters, storylines, and universes in the lead up to major theatrical releases, and Marvel’s Civil War is no different: Time spent reading Marvel fanfiction on Wattpad increased 90 percent since the release of the first movie trailer last December. In total, fans spent roughly 200 million minutes reading related fanfiction since the last epic Marvel blockbuster, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Since Civil War is all about conflict, we also looked into the number of stories shared on Wattpad to determine which superhero team wins with fans in the community. As well, we identified the most popular ships (romantic pairings) to figure out who wins the Captain’s heart. Is it Stony (Steve Rogers + Tony Stark) or Stucky (Steve Rogers + Bucky Barnes)? Check out the graphics below for the results!




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