Mashable and Wattpad Partner to Create a New Original Video Series from Elizabeth A. Seibert’s (joecool123) No Capes

This week we announced that our partnership with Mashable has taken another step towards bringing Wattpad stories to life on screens all over the world. Mashable will be adapting the Wattpad hit No Capes by Elizabeth A. Seibert (@joecool123). The fun, female driven, young adult, superhero story has over 9.5 million reads to date.

Katie Elmore Mota, of Hulu's hit series East Los High, has signed onto the partnership to adapt No Capes scheduled to premiere this winter.

No Capes follows the story of 17-year-old Madeline Roberts after she is rescued by Capital City’s newest supervillain, Dark Static. Not only does Dark Static know her name—he wants her help. As Madeline starts to unravel the truth about her mom’s death, she discovers she has a secret of her own—and a growing attraction to the mysterious supervillain.

“Elizabeth A. Seibert’s No Capes is a fantastic story that we know our audience of superfans will obsess over,” said Eric Korsh, President of Mashable Studios ” We’re marrying Katie Elmore Mota, with her Emmy-nominated high school series experience and her ability to develop complex and strong female characters, with our powerhouse social storytelling. This is just the kind of partnership we envisioned when we made the decision to embark on narrative projects.”

The series will be built for social distribution, with an eye on selling a longform version in the near future. The story will be made up of unique elements, distributed across Mashable’s 78 million monthly uniques on platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram, as well as the 60 million monthly users in the Wattpad community.  

“No Capes is a funny, thrilling and dynamic story that blurs the lines between heroes and villains,” said Aron Levitz, Head of Wattpad Studios, “Mashable and Katie are the perfect team to bring this unique vision to life. We can’t wait to premiere this show to the millions of existing No Capes fans around the world and reach new audiences on different platforms everywhere.”   


Measuring Diversity: How Wattpad is Approaching Employee Diversity Head-on

The following post comes from Allen Lau, Wattpad's co-founder and CEO.

I often say that building Wattpad in Toronto was the best decision I ever made. Since our early days, more than 10 years ago, our community of story-lovers has been international and multi-lingual, and diversity of users and stories has been a core value for us. I wanted to build a team that reflected those values, and Toronto, home to talented developers, creators, and professionals from all across the spectrum of identity, gender, ethnicity and language, is exactly where I envisioned building the platform to power the world’s stories. That’s why diversity is such an important topic for me, and it’s why I’m so eager to further the conversation about diversity in tech.

It’s easy to say “diversity is important” but how does a company like mine measure how well we’re doing in that area? To answer that question, Wattpad founded a Diversity & Inclusion Committee. We knew that addressing any underlying barriers to true diversity would require taking an honest look at where we were at as a company. Did our employees feel that we valued diversity? Were they confident that we were creating teams that benefited from diverse perspectives? We needed data. So the Diversity & Inclusion Committee deployed a comprehensive survey to our 100+ employees.

The survey asked employees about concepts like voice, belonging and contribution to a broader purpose and representation. We received a 66% response rate to the survey, and the results were illuminating. Around 85% of employees feel that Wattpad values diversity—that number was slightly lower on our engineering team. When we looked more closely at the data, we noticed that respondents whose first language was not English had significantly lower scores, especially around questions with regard to voice. For example, when we asked whether employees agreed that “when I speak up, my opinion is valued” there was a 30% difference in the favorable response from Native English Speakers to Non-Native English Speakers.

So, why come out and share the results of our internal survey with our industry and community? Well, diversity in tech is important to me, and it’s important to our team. The first step forward is creating transparency around the conversation. I am proud that Wattpad is built by a talented and diverse team that can, in turn, support our diverse, international community. Our survey also measured the actual breakdown of individual teams at Wattpad and found that, for example, 100% of our product team is female, and 62% of our leadership team identified as persons of color. But there is still work to do. Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee is digging deep into our results to deliver an action plan to move us forward. With their guidance, Wattpad will set new objectives and key results in areas of focus including hiring and recruitment practices, employee culture and community outreach. We’ll keep pushing. And I’m committed to measuring those results again and sharing them right here. Because honest dialogue—and yes, sometimes admitting you’ve got work to do—is the first step to creating a truly diverse tech sector.

Wattpad Employee Diversity Results

  66% of Wattpad Employees Participated in the Survey

66% of Wattpad Employees Participated in the Survey

  85% of respondents agreed with the statement: “My company values diversity.”   For Engineering, Product and Data that number was 78%

85% of respondents agreed with the statement: “My company values diversity.” For Engineering, Product and Data that number was 78%

  78% of respondents agree with the statement: “My company builds teams that are diverse.” For Engineering, Product Data that number was 70%

78% of respondents agree with the statement: “My company builds teams that are diverse.” For Engineering, Product Data that number was 70%

Gender Breakdown by Department

We also took a look at the balance of gender by departments. Here’s how we did:

 Gender breakdown by department

Gender breakdown by department

 People of Color (PoC) representation at Wattpad was measured both company-wide, and within the leadership team.

People of Color (PoC) representation at Wattpad was measured both company-wide, and within the leadership team.


Today we announced a collaboration with HarperCollins Children’s Books, one of the leading publishers of children’s and teen books.  

As part of this partnership, we'll work closely with HaperCollins Executive Editor Sara Sargent to select teen stories already shared on the platform and bring them to market via traditional publishing.

“I’m excited to leverage Wattpad’s market insights and continue their success of bringing bestsellers to bookstore shelves,” says Sara Sargent. “Wattpad—which is like a publishing-centric social network—helps us organically connect with new writers and readers, and I am confident this collaboration will lead to the publication of some incredible new talent.”

HarperCollins expects to publish several books based on Wattpad stories within the first year.

“In the last 30 days, people have spent the equivalent of 1,700 years reading YA stories on Wattpad,” says Head of Partnerships for Wattpad Studios Ashleigh Gardner. “We have insights no other company has and are eager to help HarperCollins discover some of the best YA storytellers and the most viral content on the internet.”

With over 375 million original story uploads, Wattpad is home to fresh voices and content that can’t be found anywhere else. Since the launch of Wattpad Studios last year, we've partnered with several leading entertainment companies to co-produce Wattpad stories across a variety of formats, including print, digital, film, and television.