Celebrating 50 Years Of Star Trek With Wattpad Co-founder Ivan Yuen

Fifty years ago today, a television series inspired audiences with the wonders of space exploration. With Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry’ put a mirror to our society and asked viewers to ponder the big questions at time when technology was quickly advancing and the space race was at its peak.

Star Trek also inspired one of the first and most engaged fan communities ever. The conventions and forums created as a result of the show’s success resulted in some of the earliest fanfiction stories based on a televised series.

Fandom was a natural extension of the show’s appeal. The growing phenomenon of fanfiction on sites like Wattpad builds on the groundwork laid by these early Star Trek fans. Today, many people on Wattpad still write fiction inspired by the Star Trek franchise.

Among those fans, is Wattpad’s very own CPO & Co-founder, Ivan Yuen. Ivan’s story, Forgotten Hero, takes place in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine universe. Here’s what he has to say about the series:

“Star Trek has been an important influence on my optimistic outlook for humanity and what we are capable of. We don’t need to be afraid of new technology or unknown worlds that are fundamentally transformative. I have a lot of faith that, collectively, we have the capacity to grow and figure out how to tackle the problems along the way. The spirit of tolerance and cooperation that fills the Star Trek world has served us well for the last 50 years and continues to be a great model for us.”

The Starfleet crew represented Roddenberry’s optimistic view of a utopian earth. It was the first series to televise an interracial kiss and purposefully cast a diverse set of actors to further the view that humanity was at it’s best when united.

The stories told on Star Trek filled people with hope and curiosity. It’s fitting that the franchise’s newest installment is set to return to television at a time when many emerging technologies are once again changing the way we view our modern world.

It’s an exciting time to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek. With whisperings of alien contact in the air, new earth-like worlds being discovered, and plans set to colonize other planets, who knows what the next 50 years will bring!

Explore new worlds or create your own by checking out Wattpad’s official Sci-Fi profile.

Wattpad Brand Solutions Needs Your Vote!

You may have heard of a little conference in Austin Texas called South By Southwest (SXSW). If you haven’t, the festival and conference brings together some of the most cutting edge musical artists, startups, and marketing minds from around the globe.

Back to Basics: Why Brands Are Betting on Stories is our submission to their annual panelpicker series. Wattpad’s session would bring together a Wattpad Star, a leading brand, and Wattpad’s Head of Global Brand Solutions, Suzanne Spence, for a conversation that explores how stories impact brand-building.

Sound informative? We think so too! To support Wattpad at SXSW 2017, you can cast your vote for our panel in three easy steps:

  1. Signup for a SXSW community account here
  2. Follow this link to Wattpad’s panel description
  3. Click the thumbs up icon in the top left corner of the page

Community voting helps the SXSW content committee determine the conference’s final lineup. That’s why we need your support. Voting closes at 12:00am EST on Friday, September 2nd, so don’t delay.

This is our chance to show SXSW attendees why Wattpad stories matter. Once you’ve voted, get in touch with us on Twitter @WattpadBusiness!

Judgement Day: Dystopian Science Fiction on Wattpad

Brace yourselves. The Terminator franchise marks today as the date when artificial intelligence overtakes the planet!

In 1984, the first Terminator film wowed audiences with a high-concept premise, stunning action, and iconic visuals. The Terminator franchise defined action films and caused audiences to question the growing reach of technology in our daily lives.

Many of the most popular stories on Wattpad’s sci-fi profile touch on dystopias and time travel, much like the Terminator films. On Wattpad, over 2.6 million uploads have been shared in the science fiction category. People also spent almost 30 million minutes reading sci-fi last month alone.

To see how much people love dystopian worlds, we just have to look at the success of franchises like The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Terminator. Science fiction and dystopian themes go together like peanut butter and jelly. It just works.

Luckily for us, there’s no shortage of great dystopian sci-fi to choose from on Wattpad. The best part? Even if the internet turns against us, you can count on Wattpad’s offline reading feature to keep your library intact!

Hone Your Craft With the Wattpad Stars and Skillshare

The Wattpad Stars are masters of storytelling for online audiences and they’re eager to share their insights with new writers!

Last year, we launched our first collaboration with Skillshare and a Wattpad Star. The talented Rebecca Sky crafted this class on writing for online engagement and the results were fantastic. Since then, we’ve produced two classes and have one more on the way.

Check out Ninya Tippett’s class on finding your creative voice, here.

Photo of Ninya Tippett

If you’re hoping to get into character, Lindsey Summers has put together this helpful class on crafting an in-depth character study.

Photo of Lindsey Summers

If you’ve tackled these three courses and are still hungry for more tips, Ali Novak and Skillshare designed this class to teach you how to edit and complete a manuscript.

Wattpad connects writers with a total monthly audience of over 45 million people. We estimate that about 90% of that audience are readers. That provides a huge opportunity for writers of all levels who want to reach one of the most engaged audiences on the internet.

If you’d like to find out how some of our best writers connect with that audience, check out any of the classes above. You can also find helpful tips on our writer’s page.

Writers Can Earn Cash With In-Story Ads on Wattpad

New Wattpad Futures program helps writers increase their earning potential

Wattpad writers come from all walks of life. They’re bestselling authors who want to connect with new and existing fans, aspiring novelists who want to build their audience, and casual writers who share stories for fun. Every month, more than 2.3 million writers on Wattpad devote countless hours to writing, editing, and engaging with readers from around the globe. They have many dreams, but share a common goal: to entertain the world with their stories.

At Wattpad, we see and understand the effort put into their stories every day. We also recognize that making money from writing can be difficult – especially for online writers. That’s why, today, we’ve launched the Wattpad Futures program, a simple way for writers to increase their earning potential.

Through the Wattpad Futures program, interested writers can supplement their income with little effort. The program helps writers earn money by inserting ads between chapters of their Wattpad story. Every time a reader views an ad, the writer earns money.

“The dynamic Wattpad community is unlike any other social platform. It’s the interconnected community of storytellers and audiences that makes the Wattpad Futures program a viable income source for writers,” said Wattpad’s Co-Founder and CEO Allen Lau. “Readers have always encouraged their favorite storytellers with messages, comments, and votes. Now, they can support Wattpad writers in a way that increases the writer’s income, without having to pay out of pocket.”

Mock up of ad page

The program also allows advertisers to leverage the influence and reach of storytellers to connect with millions of engaged, mobile-first millennials and generation Z in the global Wattpad community. In-story ads are placed strategically in chapter breaks of some of the most popular stories on the platform to optimize reader engagement and meet advertisers’ brand objectives including views, clicks, awareness, and favorability.

Wattpad is home to fresh voices and content that can’t be found anywhere else. We want to encourage writers of all levels to share original content that inspires and entertains the Wattpad community of more than 45 million people. The new Wattpad Futures program builds on the existing tools, programs, and unique paths to monetization we’ve created for online writers like Brand Stories and the Wattpad Stars program. We’re proud to help Wattpad writers earn money doing what they love.

Share Your Favorite Wattpad Quotes on Facebook

Social promo image

You may have noticed a growing trend on your social media feed. Today’s audiences share #Shelfies, watch BookTubers, and post screenshots of articles and novels everywhere online. Some argue that the books we display and quotes we share show people who we are.

Wattpad’s team wants storytellers and their audiences to do just that. Starting today you can use Wattpad’s new Facebook Quote Plugin to show people who you are by sharing what you’re reading.

When our team revamped our Quote Art feature last year, it opened up a new way for people to share the words that inspire them straight from their mobile phone.

Today, Anyone who visits Wattpad on their desktop’s web browser can share quotes directly to Facebook. Wattpad’s new Facebook Quote Plugin helps people quickly share highlighted text with friends, family, and followers.

The new Facebook feature allows you to highlight up to 500 characters in a Wattpad story and share it in a way that respects a writer’s intellectual property. If you’re trying to foster support for your favourite writer or story during the 2016 Wattys awards, this new feature can help get that story in front of more people in your network.

To try out this new feature, open a Wattpad story on your desktop browser, highlight your favorite passage, and hit share to Facebook! You can review the full how-to guide, here.

Meet The Spring Girls: Anna Todd Reimagines Little Women for 2016

Wattpad phenomenon Anna Todd, the New York Times and international Bestselling author, is set to inject some modern flavour to Louisa May Alcott’s classic, Little Women.

Exclusively announced in Entertainment Weekly, Anna Todd’s modern retelling, The Spring Girls, pays homage to Alcott’s classic work by moving the work’s timeline from the Civil War era to today.

Anna’s love for classic authors first wove its way into her Wattpad story, After. In the work, her character Tessa is enamoured with stories like Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights. By just mentioning the works in her story, Anna was able to drive a flood of new readers to the public domain works on Wattpad.

That level of excitement from fans is something Anna has in common with Alcott. The immediate success of Little Women in 1868 prompted Alcott’s publisher to commission her for a sequel. Both works were completed and published in a period of seven months to deal with demand from fans.

Publisher Gallery Books is set to release The Spring Girls in the fall of 2017. The revitalized work will reintroduce Anna’s fans and lovers of Alcott’s classic characters to the new and reimagined March Girls. For updates on the work, follow Anna Todd on Wattpad.