The English Teacher movie contest!


The English Teacher, starring Julianne Moore, Nathan Lane, and Lily Collins opens in theatres today. And we’re giving you the first chance to read this Hollywood film script before you watch it on the big screen! We're also bringing Wattpad authors and aspiring screenwriters the opportunity of getting feedback on their work from three of Hollywood's top creators; The English Teacher Director Craig Zisk, along with co-writers Stacy Chariton and Dan Chariton!

These industry specialists are now on Wattpad and on the lookout for new talent from our community. Write a comedic 1,500 word high school love scene for your chance to win a feedback session from these leading creatives! There’s also a contest for all you readers: Read the film script and vote for your chance to win a copy of the screenplay signed by Craig Zisk, Stacy Chariton, and Dan Chariton. So go make your English teacher proud and start reading and writing today!

For all the details, visit our contest page.