Creativity comes from the freedom of fan fic


Online fan fiction is thriving! Writers from around the globe are colliding fictional with real worlds, and even introducing new forms of fan driven stories on Wattpad by casting celebrities into their original fiction (did you know that Selena Gomez is cast in over 25,000 pieces of fiction on Wattpad?). On Wattpad, fan fiction is our fastest growing category, and since 2012 this category has grown by over 60%!

Here’s an infographic that our Content Team has put together. It reflects  research and analysis of the over 4,700,000 fan fiction uploads from our Wattpad users. Best of all are the insights into our fan fiction growth trajectory for our community of 15 million monthly readers and writers. So discover why internet culture can’t be contained and learn how Wattpad celebrates and broadens the freedom of creativity for fan fiction.