Shipping News


This week the Oxford English Dictionary announced its latest entry: a new definition of shipping, made popular by online fanfiction. To ship is to wish for an imagined relationship between two characters or people. It is often signified by creating a portmanteau of two names; the example the OED gives is that many people ship Molly and Sherlock, or Sherlolly. Wattpad has over 2,000 shipped Sherlock stories.

A glance at Wattpad’s Hot List today reveals at least four stories of shipped love, from YouTube stars to band mates. Some of our favorite ships over time have been Jumeo (Romeo and Juliet), Kathniel (Filipino stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla), and our own invention, Alleva (Wattpad CEO Allen Lau and his wife, Eva).

So, who do you ship?