Wattpad in the Philippines

BlogPicture_Manilla_vrs1.1 Today we have a guest post from Wattpad CEO Allen Lau.

Kamusta! This week I will be spending some time in Manila. Wattpad has become a huge part of the entertainment industry in the Philippines. In August, Filipino Wattpadders spent nearly a billion minutes on Wattpad, which makes the Philippines one of the top countries on Wattpad. This love of Wattpad has spread beyond our app. Many bestselling books have had their start on Wattpad as almost 100 Wattpad stories have been printed by publishers in the Philippines. Wattpad has also produced blockbuster films. Eleven movies based on Wattpad stories have been released, are in production, or have been confirmed for production.


My next few days will be jam-packed with activities such as media interviews and meetings with publishers, movie studios, and TV networks. I will also be speaking at the Manila International Book Fair and hosting a massive wattpadder meetup at the event on Sunday September 21st. I am most looking forward to this meetup since last year's event was such a huge success.


I can guarantee that this year's meetup is going to be absolutely epic. I Look forward to having a great time with all the Pinoy Wattpadders!