Stories go viral with Wattpad’s Quote Art feature

Over 35 million quotes shared using the exclusive feature

The right words can stop you in your tracks. We return to beautifully written passages and re-read all the funny parts in our favorite stories. When words excite and move us, we want to tell others.

To help people share the words that inspire them, Wattpad recently expanded its Quote Art feature. Exclusively available on Wattpad, Quote Art is a favorite tool for many Wattpadders. Collectively users have created more than 35 million quotes using the sharing feature.

With Quote Art, Wattpad users can post snippets of story passages on image-based platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, as well as other social networks. Quote Art can help stories go viral and makes it easy for both writers and readers to promote and connect over stories online.

To create Quote Art users highlight text and select the Quote Art icon.

Then they choose from one of several curated images, or can upload their own.

The Quote Art is then ready to share on the network of their choice.


The expanded feature offers a catalog of new images and a redesigned font.

Quote Art is yet another successful project launched from a Hack Friday event. On Hack Friday, the Wattpad team is given free reign to work on unique projects that support our users. Quote Art is available exclusively on mobile and has been fully integrated into the Wattpad iOS and Android apps.