For the love of stories - Valentine’s Day on Wattpad

Every month, people spend 13 billion minutes on Wattpad and romance is one of our most popular categories. This got us wondering: What kind of stories peak around Valentine’s Day? Are there topics or people that spike on this day of love?   This year on Valentine's Day, people spent 64 million minutes reading romance stories on Wattpad. Historically, we similar spikes in engagement around this holiday. Check out the infographics to learn more.

Love Wins

Around Valentine’s Day, people spend more time reading LGBTQ Stories. In 2016, 15.5 million minutes were spent reading stories tagged LBGT on Valentine’s Day. The Wattpad community appreciates love in its many forms.  Last year we launched our official LGBTQ+ profile,  and we’re proud to see that love wins on Valentine’s Day.


We Spend Millions of Minutes Reading Romance

Unsurprisingly, last year people spend more time reading romance stories Valentine’s Day than any other genre.


The State of Love:

Across the United States, we wanted to find out, which states spent the most time escaping into romance stories on Valentine’s Day?


We also teamed up with Mashable and Buzzfeed Canada to showcase some of our best findings. Find out what each U.S. state searched for leading up to Valentine’s Day on Mashable , or read this Buzzfeed Canada article about the top Valentine’s Day ships.